IMPORTANT: This documentation has been started on March 31, 2018 and is still incomplete. You can change that by contributing to this documentation yourself or sending me an email. You will find the contact information below.


Hello and welcome to the official documentation of Thumbnail Cleaner. Thumbnail Cleaner is a plugin for WordPress that allows administrators to clean up their WordPress installation by deleting all image files stored in the wp-content/uploads/ directory and regenerating them. This way, you can get rid of unused or obsolete thumbnails that have been created by previous themes or plugins and are no longer needed.


Thumbnail Cleaner is being hosted on WordPress' official plugin repository and thus has its own page. You can either automatically install the plugin through the Dashboard or manually by downloading the raw files. Please see the Installation page for a more detailed description of how to install the plugin.


Name Scope of Work Profile
Kolja Nolte Concept, development, maintenance, translations (de_DE, th), providing support @thaikolja


You would like to join me and make Thumbnail Cleaner better? Awesome! Any help is much appreciated. You will be working on the live code via a private repository on GitLab and, of course, added as an additional developer to all pages of the plugin.

You can also support me by extending, improving or simply suggest changes to the official documentation. For that, you will need a free account on - the rest I will explain step by step.

In any case, contacting each other directly via email, Slack or any massenger such as WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram or others will be necessary. For contact information, see below.


E-Mail Address Slack Username Telegram Number WhatsApp Number Skype Username @thaikolja on workspaces WordPress, WP Developers Club, WP Lanna (mostly Thai language) +66 (0) 88 249 01 66 +66 (0) 88 249 01 66 kewter1

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