IMDb Connector (Discontinued)

IMDb Connector is no longer available

On Febtruary 12, 2018, IMDb Connector received an email by a Texas law firm named Richard Law Group representing Since IMDb Connector, which uses, an unofficial API to fetch movie data off IMDb, has the trademark "IMDb" in it, the people behind the movie website feared that this could lead to users believe that IMDb Connector was an official plugin developed by themselves. The only way to avoid a lawsuit was to rebrand the plugin and program it once again from scratch which became the plugin Movie Details.

Movie Details, IMDb Connector's successor, will be released shortly. It features a whole new design and dozens of new functions, classes and shortcodes.

Why did this happen?

As stated above, the Texas law firm named Richard Law Group representing demanded that I remove everything in IMDb Connector that might be misinterpreted as an official plugin by The list that was sent included basically the whole plugin, the name, the plugin URL, the repository, ... Rebranding this plugin and keep it available simply does not work.

Will my website be affected?

No. If you have IMDb Connector installed in your WordPress version, it should continue to work for the foreseeable future. However, there will be no updates and bug fixes. I strongly advice you to switch to my rebuild of the plugin once it is online (you can check the development status here: ...).

What will happen in the future?

Nothing, unless a WordPress update or any plugin interferes with IMDb Connector and breaks it. However, this is very unlikely to happen.


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